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The Blue Mango is a full service web design and development company based out of Seattle, Washington. Since our inception we have helped clients across various industries achieve their online vision. The web sites we have built for our clients have helped address complex business issues and added value to their existing business. The Blue Mango has helped various businesses identify and capitalize on their opportunities, in the process we have helped demystify today’s technology for our clients. Today our clients use the right technology at the right prices, all this with a positive impact on their bottom line.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we consistently deliver solutions that meet or exceed our clients’ expectations. Since we opened our doors, we have retained over 85% of our original clients, and today over 90% of our new clients come from referrals. Our diverse client base has given us the opportunity to work in diverse industries, from telecommunications to sports to the medical industry. We have worked across a wide spectrum and we take the time to understand your industry and your unique needs.



Kiran Modak

Founder, Principal

I started doing free lance web development after a couple of years in the corporate world and a failed search engine start-up in 1999. The lessons I learned I put into my business, of course it helped that I had taken lessons from the great Peter Drucker at my business school and putting those lessons into practice has helped evolve The Blue Mango into a stable development agency that does business with strong brands.

My first and foremost goal is to discover what my clients consider value and how we can deliver it, not just once but again and again, that is why even with a small footprint we are able to retain our clients. Apart from Business Development, I work with all our clients to understand their unique needs and deliver a quality solution in collaboration with our excellent development team.

Our Story

The name Blue Mango was born on the island of Kauai approximately 11 years ago while I was there on vacation. I had a free lance web development business and needed a memorable name that would evoke a positive response from prospective clients. Till date everyone that hears the name asks me what a Blue Mango is and want to know more about it.

Since adopting the name we have served a lot of companies big and small, international brands like Alpine Stars and Ferrari to small one person companies. Staying true to one principle all clients deserve a quality web presence and no compromises on the quality of development we provide.

We welcome you to The Blue Mango where we promise to deliver a quality product at a fixed price within your budget.


Kiran P. Modak
Founder & Principal
The Blue Mango LLC.


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