Technologies & Platforms

PHP & MySQL Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, AWS & Azure


Web Design

Putting forth a professional image is essential to the success of your site; so too is having a site that your clients can easily navigate and explore. Regardless of the project type, the blue mango designs sites that possess a strong visual identity and a highly usable interface.

  • Customized site design and layout
  • Interface design
  • Flash and Graphical Elements
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Mobile Prototyping

These days everyone has an APP idea or two, we help our clients prototype their ideas at fraction the cost of developing native applications, we make the entire setup reusable so when the concept is deemed fundable no time and money is wasted and you hit the ground running.

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SEO and SEM services by their very nature are highly unique to each client, yet companies hawk cookie cutter solutions. Our goal is to craft a unique and a organic solution keeping in mind your specific needs. We pride ourselves on getting to know or clients industry and what they consider value and then delivering that value with highly customized and tailored solutions.

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Web Development Services

TBM is a boutique development agency, with development skills that make any design come alive. We deliver functionality to even the most ambitious designs. We work with several Design and Advertising agencies to make their visions come to life.

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Facebook Applications

We live in a connected world and Facebook provides the biggest platform for client interactions. We look at Facebook not as a consumer social network but more as a commercial platform to engage users and convert them into fans for your products.

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Project Recovery:

Some companies have not experienced the success that an earlier web project was supposed to bring them. If you are one of those companies, the blue mango can help you recover and complete those projects.

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